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300 Click for offerThe moderating team — Erin Burnett and Anderson Cooper, of CNN, and a television newcomer, Marc Lacey, the national editor of The Times — kept outbursts and interruptions to a minimum. The journalists also stepped back at times to allow the candidates to engage one another directly. Organizers granted 75 seconds for each candidate to respond to questions, up from 60 seconds for the last round of CNN debates. Rod Cruz, AT&T's general manager of Healthcare Industry Solutions, said VR for pain management could be a preferable option "rather than making people comfortably numb with opiates and other things to numb pain."

Comcast hasn't gotten any reports to suggest that the flaws were used to compromise user data, our sister site ZDNet notes. Changes are happening at the top of Facebook's Oculus VR team.


TYPE ::MOUNTAIN BIKESM: Well, my wife, I would say, is a Carrie-Miranda hybrid. Larry Page, CEO of Alphabet

BRAND ::SPORTS SCOTTY“It’s quite a conservative community,” she said, adding that the local population consists mainly of farmers who “wouldn’t be too impressed” with an icon linked to drug use. The company is hoping to launch on Tuesday or Wednesday, but Musk also warned that "much will likely go wrong" with this first mission and that the company will need to make six more launches of 60 satellites required for minor coverage and double that for moderate.

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So, when I get off the phone with Kim, I turn to my Echo Dot and make a request: "Alexa, add jerky to my shopping list." I realize 9 is still far from cheap, but if you're tired of dealing with home Wi-Fi hassles, this is worth the investment.

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Mr. Powell nodded to those challenges in a recent speech in Paris, saying, “Our audience has become more varied, more attuned to our actions and less trusting of public institutions.” Ding, dong, the list (price) is dead...

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But Mr. Neal argued that most of his constituents were happy to be represented by the chair of perhaps the most influential House panel, and he reeled off the millions of dollars he had brought back home to Western Massachusetts while highlighting the legislation he has helped steer to passage this year. May also handles all of the maintenance for the vehicles, making it virtually turn-key for the city, a convenience for which the City of Providence is shelling out 0,000 during its first year of operation. While it's tough to nail down exact figures, we imagine that would compare favorably to the cost of getting several city buses, paying for their fuel, maintenance and drivers for that time for the same route.

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Follow The New York Times Opinion section on Facebook, Twitter (@NYTopinion) and Instagram. Although they mimic the AirPods' "pipe" design, the Liberty Air employ noise-isolating earbuds, meaning their silicone tips create a seal inside your ear canals. That not only reduces outside noise, but also provides better bass than AirPods.

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