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300 Click for offerSome of it's been accomplished through tariffs all but forcing automakers' hands, while other parts have been achieved by personalized pressure in meetings and on Twitter. Nevertheless, judging by what's already been achieved, and what could soon be achieved through agreements like the new USMCA, these changes could be felt for years or decades to come. However, even those who support the idea of respecting cultural naming tradition say it is not practical to reverse entrenched practices.

“Somebody wants me!” she said. “Chris, who is my new boyfriend, did not want to put me out to pasture.” In his debut as Bottom, Preston Chamblee’s alert timing was undercut by his tendency toward exaggeration, like when he smacked — much too hard — an imaginary bug on his leg. In “Midsummer,” the humor is built in; it doesn’t need anything extra.


TYPE ::MOUNTAIN BIKEHis first season in Brooklyn was fairly uneventful, with an average of 7.3 points a game in a bench role, but last season was thrust into a starting role as a result of injuries to D’Angelo Russell and Jeremy Lin, and he thrived with career-high averages of 12.6 points and 6.6 assists. Follow The New York Times Opinion section on Facebook, Twitter (@NYTopinion) and Instagram.

BRAND ::SPORTS SCOTTYRyan Gosling looks to the future in "Blade Runner 2049". Researchers followed 136,782 health care workers for up to 15 years, tracking statin use and the incidence of glaucoma, the fluid buildup in the eyeball that damages the optic nerve and can lead to blindness.

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If for many ride-share drivers the next best option is delivering for an outfit like Domino’s Pizza, or working at a fast-food restaurant, then average pay for the drivers will likely to end up around minimum wage, too. Seated in the backyard of a friend’s home, they told me their story. They once belonged to the 18th Street gang, but in 2016 the police had taken down its leadership. Those still on the street decided to join a new gang, but after a few months grew sickened and ashamed of the way they were treating locals.

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• Uber reportedly hopes to raise about billion from its I.P.O. (Bloomberg) This is a line Mr. McConnell emphasized in October 2018 when he first began indicating that he was more than ready to take up a Trump nominee in 2020, should the chance arise.

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There was no getting around the difficulties created by the special projector required to show the film. It was temperamental and had to be brought into each theater in a portable fireproof booth. Kalmus despaired that it required an operator who was "a cross between a college professor and an acrobat." A 2019 congressional confirmation hearing on C-Span is probably not a place you would expect to see the titular gilled fellow from the 1954 monster movie classic “Creature From the Black Lagoon.” However, this past March, there he was — that unmistakable rubbery visage sitting behind the nominee to lead the Department of the Interior — in a stunt by Greenpeace activists wearing masks to protest the Washington “swamp.” But when the incident quickly went viral, it also highlighted the Creature’s solid place in pop culture after 65 years.

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Re “The G.O.P. Can Win the Suburbs” (Op-Ed, Nov. 20): Eric Hosmer hit a three-run homer during a big first inning against Masahiro Tanaka, and San Diego Manager Andy Green burned through his bullpen to help the Padres hold off the Yankees, 5-4, on a soggy Tuesday night in the Bronx.

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