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300 Click for offerOn Saturday, Boeing’s 747, arguably the most iconic jet ever, celebrates the 50th anniversary of its first flight. Commercial service started within a year. GIOVANNI RUSSONELLO

But it appeared increasingly likely that the way forward would involve some form of unity government comprising both their parties, the right-wing Likud and the centrist Blue and White. And if you’ll indulge a long stroll away from the kitchen? I’m enjoying the intersection of adolescent rage and competence porn in the series “HANNA,” on Amazon Prime.


TYPE ::MOUNTAIN BIKEGoogle Assistant's new Driving Mode will soon replace the Android Auto App Mode. ‘ANTIGONE IN FERGUSON’ at St. Ann & the Holy Trinity Church (performances start on May 8). Theater of War’s update of Sophocles’s tragedy, presented in partnership with the Brooklyn Public Library, returns to New York. Featuring a rotating cast — Paul Giamatti, Chris Noth and Amy Ryan among them — and local gospel choirs, the play is presented free of charge. Reviewing it last fall, Ben Brantley noted that this modern version “echoes and assumes new forms in the divided America of the 21st century.” bklynlibrary.org/antigone-in-ferguson

BRAND ::SPORTS SCOTTYReal-time payments systems, such as Venmo and banking apps, already exist. But the Federal Reserve said most current services are "closed loop" so only people with the same app can transfer money to each other, and some apps can't reach all 10,000 different banks across the US. 2. an acute insufficiency

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Author Tom Wolfe, known for Bonfire of the Vanities and The Right Stuff, has died at the age of 88. Please don’t miss Marian Bull (she, of late, of “Hungry City”), on the great Scottish actor Alan Cumming, in GQ.

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Take a look at car subscription the next time you're in market -- at least that part's free -- but you may need a hearty appetite for flexibility for it to make any sense.  This is “Cracking Up,” by Kevin Breathnach, in Granta.

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“Where that tree is? That’s my daughter’s room,” he said, indicating a room where none was left. Nearby, one of his battery-operated ceiling smoke alarms, tossed somewhere in the wreckage, beeped incessantly. An unbroken bowl full of mud and leaves sat on the floor. “I got a great education at U.S.C. and was not resentful, but the idea of any sort of ‘even playing field’ at the school is simply untrue, and the gap in money and social stature was nearly impossible to close,” wrote Christine, who said she was the first person in her working-class family to attend college.

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As Hebron’s pasty cleverly pointed out, Instagram’s ban does not extend to male nipples. In the real world, the female breast has had some success on the equal-rights front. I’ll never forget his next words: “Your achievement is superb and you have my fullest admiration.”

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