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After the reset at Mills, Mx. Anderson’s tuition dropped by nearly 36 percent for the fall 2018 semester, to about ,000, but scholarships and grants dropped by more than half, to about ,000. When various fees and other details are taken into account, in the end Mx. Anderson’s total costs didn’t change significantly. “If they’re leading the patrol,” Mr. Aiello said, “they want a dog that is not only an explosive detection dog but on command can be aggressive. On a mission like this you want a dog that can be aggressive when necessary.”

Mr. Sanders, of Vermont, and Ms. Warren, of Massachusetts, both picked up several percentage points of support since June. Voters were asked whom they would support among 23 Democratic candidates. But the primary demand was the most basic — paychecks. “The number-one thing people wanted was jobs,” recalls Jodie Lesh, who then oversaw Kaiser’s construction projects in Southern California.

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Elizabeth Josephine Sullivan was born on Aug. 28, 1927, in Mounds, a city at the southern tip of Illinois, to Hessie Boone Sullivan, a foreman for a Missouri lumber distributor, and Eileen Celeste (Woods) Sullivan, who sold cosmetics. “They made it difficult,” Yankees Manager Aaron Boone said of the Twins. “They had traffic.”

This is where we’ve descended to, but not where we have to stay. A progressive capitalism based on an understanding of what gives rise to growth and societal well-being gives us a way out of this quagmire and a way up for our living standards.

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Log InThe letter called on the Senate to approve expanded background checks for all gun sales and enact a so-called red flag law, which would allow the police to seize guns from people whom a judge deemed a threat to themselves or others. The note-takers and voice recognition software used during the July 25 call had missed Mr. Zelensky saying the word “Burisma,” according to people briefed on the matter, but the reconstructed transcript does refer to “the company,” and suggests that the Ukrainian president is aware that it is of great interest to Mr. Trump.