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"Lee gave us a mindset that still drives us today -- one that is characterized by hard work, dedication and grit," said Fiat Chrysler representatives, in a statement. "We are committed to ensuring that Chrysler, now FCA, is such a company, an example of commitment and respect, known for excellence as well as for its contribution to society. His legacy is the resiliency and unshakeable faith in the future that live on in the men and women of FCA who strive every day to live up to the high standards he set."

If you're a 1980s nostalgic, get ready for an awesome and totally tubular summer, as numerous critics say the show's 1980s references are back. Edgar Alvarez of Engadget not only proclaims this the "best season yet," but declares the new season is "basically a love letter to old-school tech, shopping malls &, of course, dope retro fits & wild haircuts."

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The phrases you can say to start your bedtime routine include "Bedtime," "Goodnight" or "Time to hit the hay," but again you have to preface it with "OK, Google."

You'll see a list of all the requests you've made since setting up your Echo. You can choose the recordings you want to delete or tap Delete All Recordings for Today.

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Log InThe hybrid device will apparently use the company's Windows Lite OS, which is a slimmed-down, dual-screen version of Windows designed to compete against Google's Chrome OS, and be able to run Android apps and Apple's iCloud. It'll also launch with Intel's 10-nanometer Lakefield processor and have always-on connectivity via LTE or 5G, IHS reportedly said.